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Karmen consults with clients throughout Northern Idaho and Eastern Washington on a variety of health conditions but is most passionate about nutrition's impact autoimmunity and women's health. When she is not in the clinic or teaching, she finds joy in providing her North Idaho community with recipes and food suggestions that are good for their mind, body and soul. She is a self-taught cook with a passion for quality as well as for creating food that nourishes the whole body.

Professional Background: 

B.S. in Human Nutrition and Sociology - University of Idaho - 2014

M.S. in Integrative and Functional Nutrition - Saybrook University - 2017

Ph.D. in Integrative and Functional Nutrition - Saybrook University - 2020


Hello there – I'm Karmen, the founder of Cultivate: Mind-Body Nutrition. I am a rebel by nature and radically challenge the status quo when it comes to our conventional medical model and nutritional recommendations. I take a scholar-practitioner approach to nutrition by blending the murky waters of research and clinical practice.

I lead my practice and client-care with empathy and compassion, honoring the individual and their unique health experiences and journey. I help break down personal barriers and nutritional dogma, coach the client on how to reconnect with their innate intuition, teach tangible tools to create a synergy between the mind and the body and assist in helping the client find true healing (however that looks for them) in their body.

Karmen is an integrative nutritionist with undergraduate degrees' in Human Nutrition and Sociology from the University of Idaho, a Master’s Degree in Integrative and Functional Nutrition, graduate certifications in health and wellness coaching, and she's currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Integrative and Functional Nutrition at Saybrook University. She also is an adjunct professor at Great Northern University, as their health and nutrition instructor and founded her practice Cultivate: Mind-Body Nutrition in 2018 with locations in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho and Liberty Lake, Washington. 


Karmen Gregg is a gift to those who are seeking better health and healing. She offers a compassionate approach that combines holistic nutrition and mind-body medicine, with a focus on the healing power of food and cooking. Highly recommend her one-of-a-kind services and guidance!
— Josette

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