Helping you cultivate your best life through evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle recommendations and support

Cultivate: Mind-Body Nutrition

“Helping You Cultivate Your Best Life”

We provide our patients with integrative and evidence-based nutritional counseling services through a collaborative and patient-centered approach. We partner and support each patient holistically by addressing both the mind and the body nutritionally to achieve optimal wellness!



Mind-Body Nutrition is founded on the principle of humanistic healthcare and grounded in the belief that
changing your diet and lifestyle should enhance your life, not restrict it; allowing you to show up better in your life and world. Karmen is dedicated to the people who believe that there is more to life than resigning to
existing in a world labeled by their condition and committed to breaking the limiting belief that they can change it. For those searching for holistic healing and devoted to removing things that aren’t serving them anymore, to make way for living-giving sources that are. Cultivating the tools to help you find your
personalized path to healing and reclaim autonomy in your body and life.

— Karmen Gregg M.S., Founder